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Comicdud's News

Posted by Comicdud - December 3rd, 2023

Was scrolling through the colab tab and found a couple people i've messaged but some of those posts are years old and I'm not sure how active they are. So I'm posting here to hopefully reach out to more active people in the community who are interested in VO work. Also I've never had someone come onto a personal project for animation help before and I want to know if any of you have experience helping out in smalls ways and what kind of cost I may expect.

I usually animate in flash cs3 but I'm aware how old and hard it can be to work with other people in it. I've considered doing something new in Clip Studio because I feel it may be easier to share files for in between work. I don't know.

Listen If you have any interest in working with me on a new Tim cartoon or if you have any advice on collaborating on an animation let me know. I'm looking to pay a couple people.

This was the last big Tim cartoon I put out. It's been almost 10 years and it hurts me to think about. I've got a couple scripts I've been sitting on and a current one which is what I'm looking for help on.


Posted by Comicdud - March 7th, 2015

I like to animate cartoons and with your help I will help you. You see I am in a transition right now and I would like to work on something new. If you have a project that you think could use some animationy type work then drop me a line. 

Or maybe you can help me by giving me something ridiculous to draw. 

After finishing my last cartoon I feel ready to take on more. I have some ideas of my own building up a bit but before that I figured I would try and wiggle my way into something different.4324111_142576262472_MfWexe.png


Posted by Comicdud - May 18th, 2014

So I put out a short cartoon I made called "Off Course" which in of itself tells what I've been up to. I never really watched anime before but sometime towards the end of February I picked up a series with the intent to finish it as soon as possible. Next thing I knew that was everyday for me. I work a day job yeah, but I have all that time after to just use however. I watched through "The Future Diary" first and before I knew it I was watching slice of life shows and shows with strong emotional plots. If it wasn't for this binge I wouldn't have experianced "Clannad". I was also in time to watch "Kill la Kill" as it was airing, which was nice. There was one weekend where me and a friend marathoned "Steins;Gate" and that was definately a good idea.

I could keep naming off animes I watched but the important thing is I finally feel like I've gotten past the part where that is all I'm doing. With the cartoon I put out I hoped to get my feet wet again for animating. It had been a bit since my last project so I wanted to start small. I do feel more confident about tackling a bigger challenge now, so the cartoon did its job. 

I'm just glad I never ended up buying a full body pillow. "shudder"

Final thoughts for ya! If you saw my Tim videos from last year and want to know what I'm doing with that well I can't say much except keep an eye out in the future, he is sure to come back. And I'm colaborating with someone on a big project soon so until I see how quickly I can work through that I'm not sure when my new stuff will pop back up.

Posted by Comicdud - February 25th, 2014

Check it out! Need some cartooning fuel so I decided to stream animating! Give me your judgemental eyes!!!



Posted by Comicdud - January 2nd, 2014

Dude I just realized something, Tim doesn't have any thumbs. But hey 2013 was a good starter year for Tim even without thumbs. I am excited for 2014 and you should be too because that means more Tim. Now I didn't know what I was getting into with this new cartoon so it might be a while. While you wait take some time to appreciate any source of heat you have access to. Gee I feel warmer already.