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Comicdud's News

Posted by Comicdud - March 7th, 2015

I like to animate cartoons and with your help I will help you. You see I am in a transition right now and I would like to work on something new. If you have a project that you think could use some animationy type work then drop me a line. 

Or maybe you can help me by giving me something ridiculous to draw. 

After finishing my last cartoon I feel ready to take on more. I have some ideas of my own building up a bit but before that I figured I would try and wiggle my way into something different.4324111_142576262472_MfWexe.png


Posted by Comicdud - May 18th, 2014

So I put out a short cartoon I made called "Off Course" which in of itself tells what I've been up to. I never really watched anime before but sometime towards the end of February I picked up a series with the intent to finish it as soon as possible. Next thing I knew that was everyday for me. I work a day job yeah, but I have all that time after to just use however. I watched through "The Future Diary" first and before I knew it I was watching slice of life shows and shows with strong emotional plots. If it wasn't for this binge I wouldn't have experianced "Clannad". I was also in time to watch "Kill la Kill" as it was airing, which was nice. There was one weekend where me and a friend marathoned "Steins;Gate" and that was definately a good idea.

I could keep naming off animes I watched but the important thing is I finally feel like I've gotten past the part where that is all I'm doing. With the cartoon I put out I hoped to get my feet wet again for animating. It had been a bit since my last project so I wanted to start small. I do feel more confident about tackling a bigger challenge now, so the cartoon did its job. 

I'm just glad I never ended up buying a full body pillow. "shudder"

Final thoughts for ya! If you saw my Tim videos from last year and want to know what I'm doing with that well I can't say much except keep an eye out in the future, he is sure to come back. And I'm colaborating with someone on a big project soon so until I see how quickly I can work through that I'm not sure when my new stuff will pop back up.

Posted by Comicdud - February 25th, 2014

Check it out! Need some cartooning fuel so I decided to stream animating! Give me your judgemental eyes!!!



Posted by Comicdud - January 2nd, 2014

Dude I just realized something, Tim doesn't have any thumbs. But hey 2013 was a good starter year for Tim even without thumbs. I am excited for 2014 and you should be too because that means more Tim. Now I didn't know what I was getting into with this new cartoon so it might be a while. While you wait take some time to appreciate any source of heat you have access to. Gee I feel warmer already.